Meet the Team!

Antonio Lepore is our lead composer, with over 15 years of experience, Antonio brings an arsenal of sounds and audio to create a new audio sensation that will ensnare the listener and immerse them in any medium. By providing you with the power to create your own music through Antonio’s hands the possibilities of creating new and original music is unlimited.

Can’t find a track you like? Contact our Customer Service at concierge@muvmentmusic.com and we will help you search for any type of track you need within minutes of your request to make your search process easy. Not only that, we will have it licensed with your terms right away!


Please contact us, or the sub-publisher in your territory, for Commercials, Corporate Film, Documentaries, Webcast, Theatrical Films, TV Programs/Series, Industrial, Live Performances & Exhibitions.
Muvment Music audio is available in all digital formats and bit rates.


All of Muvment Music’s works available are protected by composer’s copyright and related copyright. Consequently, their use as musical illustration in audiovisual production is subject to prior authorization. Muvment Music is publisher and often the producer of most the music available in the Muvment Music catalogue. Any piece of music used and synchronized with images, is subject to synchronization rights and requires a license. Unlike composer’s rights, synch rights or neighboring rights are not collected by collection agencies, but directly by Muvment Music from the parties involved.

Copyright protects, by law, the copyright holders of a work. In music these are: The composer(s), The author(s) (lyricist) & The publisher.

Copyright revenue is collected and redistributed by publishing rights organizations and collection agencies Worldwide: BMI, HFA, SEASAC, PRS, SACEM, ASCAP, GEMA, etc.